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People in Post

Navigating the VFX Maze

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this episode Gemma and Nick are joined by a selection of fantastic guests, this time from the Visual Effects side of post. VFX Editor Dan McIntosh, Danny Duke from Absolute Post, VFX Producer Mara Byran and VFX Producer Monika Chowdhary Kuczynski discuss VFX workflows from starting the initial conversations in Pre-Production through to VFX pulls in post production and more. Hear how planning, timescales and communication are key to ensuring a smooth journey. We continue a previous episodes discussion about working from home and how that works with VFX and we look at the importance of databases and tracking as well as managing expectations!

This Episode was recorded at Halo Post in Soho, London.

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  • 7. Moving on up!

    In this episode Gemma and Nick talk to a golden line up of highly experienced people in post to discuss career progression in the cutting room. Listen to how each of our guests found their way into the industry then progressed to their current position and how they found the journey. Joining us is Fiorella Santaniello, Riccardo Bacigalupo, Meredith Leece and Rob Duffield.This episode was kindly recorded at Forever Studios in one of their world class audio suites.
  • 6. No Podcast this Week

    As a mark of respect to Peter Long (Nick's father and founder of Salon) who sadly passed away last week, Nick and Gemma have decided to hold back todays podcast and release it on July 2nd. Thank you for all the messages of condolence.
  • 5. Time for Turnover!

    In this episode, Gemma and Nick dive into the critical stages of turnover and conform in post-production. They are joined by an esteemed panel of experts: Head of Edit Support Jamie Wrapson from Halo Post, Mark Purvis from Mission Digital & Origami, Assistant Editor Jack Brown, and Post Production Supervisor Steven Forrester. Together, they cover a range of topics from the importance of meticulous preparation, to the timing and handling of turnovers. Gain insights from professionals who play pivotal roles in ensuring a smooth and successful post-production process. Recorded at the renowned Halo Post Production in Soho, this episode offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the workflows and challenges faced in the industry. Tune in to learn how these experts manage and excel in one of the most crucial stages of post-production!
  • 4. May 2024 RoundUp

    Gemma and Nick take a step back from the usual topic based chat with guests this week to briefly look at the current state of the industry and the coming months in this special edition of People in Post.Recorded in May 2024 when a lot of freelancers and post companies have much less work than usual or in some cases people have not worked for months but the green shoots of recovery do seem to be sprouting slowly plus with more and more talk about AI how will that change the landscape.Everyone will be finding the industry slightly different at the moment, some people have worked constantly throughout 2023 and 2024 where as others wont have worked in over 6 months. A combination of strikes and global slowdown have caused a perfect storm, we are keen to feature as many peoples voices as possible so please do get in touch with your experiences so we can have a regular round up tailored to the current state of the industry.This episode was recorded at Forever Audio
  • 2. Suite Life or Home Hustle

    Welcome to the latest episode of People In Post, where hosts Gemma Nicholson and Nick Long engage in a lively discussion with industry insiders Emmalie El Fadli, George Fogarty, and special international guest Pearce Roemer. Together, they explore the dynamic realm of remote work versus the traditional edit suite environment. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has taken a different turn for many professionals around the world & definitely has made an impact on the way we work in Film & TV Post Production. In this episode, we dissect the distinct experiences and challenges associated with working from home versus working in an edit suite. George shares his unique journey of kickstarting his career during the lockdown, while Pearce Roemer offers invaluable insights into transitioning an entire show to a remote setup, a move that has proven to be a game-changer. But it's not just about the location—it's about the impact on our work habits and communication dynamics. Are we clocking in longer hours? Are we finding new avenues for effective collaboration? We delve deep into these questions and more with all of our guests including Emmalie, shedding light on the evolving landscape of modern work practices within our industry.Recorded at Molinare, this episode promises an enlightening discussion that explores the nuances of remote work and its transformative effect on the industry. Tune in for an engaging dialogue that's sure to leave you with fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving world of editorial workflow.
  • 1. Binology! Setting up a Project

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of the People in Post podcast! Dive deep into the world of editorial cutting room aficionados as Gemma Nicholson from Post-Super and Nick Long from Salon lead the conversation with industry experts.Joining them are Editor Nathan Summerfield, Offline MCR manager Charlie Evans from Molinare, and Arrow Media's Head of Post, Kyran Speirs. Together, they explore the myriad ways to optimise project setups, from the meticulous organisation of bins and workspaces to the art of splitting up projects for maximum efficiency. But that's not all! Post-Super's Head of Training, Michael McHugh, adds his insights to the discussion, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to fine-tune their editing workflow and elevate their post-production game.Tune in as these seasoned professionals share their tips, tricks, and tales from the cutting room floor, offering invaluable advice for both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. Whether you're a seasoned editor or a budding enthusiast, there's something for everyone in this captivating conversation on People in Post!This episode was recorded at Molinare
  • People in Post - Coming Soon!

    Gemma Nicholson from Post-Super and Nick Long from Salon are launching their brand new podcast aimed at those in, thinking of being in or just interested in...Post Production! The People in Post podcast will feature guests from the world of, you guessed it, Film and TV Post Production! Subscribe to be the first to hear the episodes as they drop!